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Fruit Trees By Adam Woolcott


Growing your own fruit is easy, simple and rewarding and it allows you to harvest your produce when perfectly ripe.

Most fruit trees enjoy a sunny position, with a fertile and well- drained soil although they can also be grown in pots.

Modern fruit tree varieties are grafted onto a root system that prevents them from growing too large and if space is limited look for a specimen with a ‘dwarf rootstock’.
These types of trees are easy to maintain, can be grown in pots or limited space and have fruit that’s easily protected and harvested.

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Love your garden? – Love Wildlife!


Love your wildlife day!

You wake up every morning to the beautiful sound of bird song, spread some sweet honey on your toast and smell a bunch of freshly cut roses.

You’re thankful for this new day…  But I think you’re forgetting a few little people, the people behind the scenes making all this possible – and no I don’t mean the florist and the supermarket – I mean the hardworking wildlife: the busy bees, the singing birds, the pollinating butterflies, even the adorable hedgehog that helps to keep your garden slug free.  Your garden wildlife does all the nitty-gritty jobs and asks for nothing back.

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How to Mulch


It’s folly to think that the growing season starts in late March, it starts now – in fact we’re a little late.

For those of you good enough to save all your veg peelings, teabags and eggshells over the cold seasons, you should start benefiting from some homemade local compost soon. 

The perfect treat for seedlings and mature plants alike, this recycled plant residue will fuel your green biennials offering a large quantity of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) nutrient goodness.

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Top 10 Garden Ideas


Top ten garden ideas

With the New Year in full swing and resolutions being met – or forgotten – now’s the time to brainstorm your garden; to come up with ideas to make your garden a more relaxing, liveable space; a space that brings people together. Make 2015 the year you love you your garden and you’ll find it loves you right back.

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Snowdrops in the Green

snow green

For me, snowdrops are a sign that spring is finally on its way. Seeing large clusters of them on a cold, crisp morning really helps to banish the winter blues.

Along with crocuses, irises and daffodils, snowdrops are one of the first flowers to show in the new year- that’s why they are so loved!

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Customer Favourite : Cherry Ilford


The Iford Weeping Cherry tree is a true eastern delight. As I child I always loved the dreamy blooms of the flowering cherry tree in our garden; I could pick large handfuls of flowers and they never seemed to diminish.

I also loved the shape of weeping willows; I would always believe I could create the ultimate den underneath. The Iford weeping cherry is the perfect combination of the two and does not grow more than 1.5m high, so it will fit beautifully in to any size garden.

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Growing Rhubarb and How to Force It


There is nothing better than a steaming bowl of rhubarb crumble with cream after your Sunday lunch. Or, if you’re like me, at any time! What could possibly be better? Perhaps home-made rhubarb crumble using freshly picked home-grown rhubarb (this could almost be a line from a certain luxury food chain advert). Growing rhubarb is so easy that I’ve been told it thrives on neglect, so you have no reason not to grow it.

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Small garden spaces by Adam Woolcott


Small spaces have big potential!

Are you desperate to grow fruit, vegetables and flowers but fear you can’t due to space restrictions? Well don’t worry because even the smallest space can offer lots of growing opportunities.

When faced with a small garden or growing area you need to maximise the space and the production of the plants within it.

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